Monday, June 04, 2007

Totally Bad Manners.

Was fascinated reading one of Britain great publications on the train. Here is what the 'last word' said...

"Having good manners only works in two types of situation - when everybody is
equal, or when everybody know their place. These days both situations are
extremely rare; and we're all touchy as hell about our status."

(Extracts from The Week 02/06/2006 Is. 616 Article 'How Britain became addicted to bad manners' by William Leith)

What exactly is the 'these days' and how does one get on to a perch to see that this is only a characteristic of our 21stC society?

We are all equal but we do not acknowledge our place. We are rebels against God. The human heart would rather God was dead

This article was right in saying:

"The bloodline of bad manners is a long and distinquished one; the history
of any art form reads like a littany of transgression"
"Manners only work to the extent that people agree on them... In a world of
constant novelty, social codes break down. Our main response is to become more

Am I really naive to say "What else is new?"


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